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St. James Mission statement:  We, the Family of St James, are called by God through our baptism to be the bearer of the Good News of Jesus Christ. United in faith, and relying on the loving presence of the Holy Spirit, we are called to share in the mission of the Lord by proclaiming the Good News of Salvation through our witness, our sacramental life, our service to the community and our love for one another.

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Statement From The Rockford Diocese


In Regard to comments reported by Pope Francis on Gay persons and civil unions:

Rockford- All men and women are children of God and, as the Ten Commandments instruct us, we are to love one another as God loves us. The comments being reported by Pope Francis have not changed the teaching of the Church in regard to the Sacrament of Marriage or the complementarity of men and women. As Catholics in the Diocese of Rockford, we look forward to further insight and clarification on these comments by the Holy Father.

Message from Penny Wiegert, Director of Communication in the Rockford Diocese.

In light of an increase of Covid Restrictions

Due to more Covid cases the governor has increased restrictions in several regions. Sacramental meetings, such as Mass, are not changed. We will continue to follow Bishops Malloy Mandate of operating at 30% of maximum capacity.

Message about Praying fo the deceased this month

This month of November, we pray for the dead.

The Holy Father because of the COVID pandemic has extended for the whole month, the traditional practice of giving plenary indulgence to those who go to pray at the cemetery for the dead, do an act of mercy and go to confession. A Plenary indulgence releases a soul from the temporal punishment of sins already confessed. Such a soul will be released from purgatory and go straight to heaven.

Holy Land Pilgrimage